Janet (j4) wrote,

Last night I dreamt ...

Thank you to hoiho for buying me a permanent account. (Did my email get through? I think I may have used the old kororaa address by accident.) I wish I had any confidence that I could think of enough things to say to justify staying on LJ forever...

Thanks also to burkesworks for BADGERS by post. I couldn't find your email address, or I'd've said thank you sooner.

Lots of things to write up but I don't have the energy or the original ideas to make the writing worthwhile ... there's a show, a gig, two meals, and a trip to Bristol, and probably lots of other things besides, but all I can think of to say is "I went to [X] and it was nice".

Last night I dreamed that I was at a party with addedentry, a huge party with loads of different rooms (including a big drawing room with a piano and a string quartet, and a tent outside where children were learning circus skills) and I'd got separated from him somehow and couldn't find him anywhere. I was panicking at all my other friends, especially lnr, and they said I should phone him, but I couldn't switch my phone on, and when I turned it over I realised that the battery panel was half falling off. When I took it off altogether, I realised there were no batteries in it, and the memory card was missing as well. I went through all my bags but could only find four of the old sort of batteries, and one of them was all crushed and decaying. I thought the phone only took 2 batteries but when I came to put them in there was space for several more, and the three I had weren't enough and didn't fit properly anyway. Then lnr said that the phone was compatible with the new sort of batteries as well, which were tiny, and she had a few of those she could lend me, so I started putting them in and realised that it needed about 30 of those, and there was no way I could get enough, and I could order them off the internet but it would take too long.

Then lnr said I should call a taxi and just go home, and I said I couldn't do that because I'd promised to go home with addedentry; I carried on looking for him, looking in every room so many times that I was starting to get embarrassed about it. Outside, ultraruby was giving away a huge stack of books, they were all there in such a big and unstable pile that if you tried to take one off it, the whole thing started to collapse. I found a couple of Tamora Pierce books that I didn't have, from a series I'd forgotten about, and tried to pull them out but couldn't do it without bringing the whole pile down. I think I got them in the end, but I had to pretend to recommend some other books (the ones that were falling off) to other people. I carried on looking for addedentry but I knew he wasn't interested in the books I got and I wondered if I should get some different ones, but the books pile had turned into a pile of clothes by then.

Eventually I decided I'd have to go as addedentry was obviously avoiding me, so I joined the queue to get out, and when I was right by the door I felt somebody staring at me from behind, and I turned round and he was there, he'd been following me the whole time but not telling me. (He didn't tell me this, I just suddenly knew, the way you do in dreams.) I couldn't think of anything to say to him.

I woke up at 8:45 feeling very confused; the house was too quiet, and I couldn't remember what day it was or what I was supposed to be doing. I'm still not quite sure.
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