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Bit of an update, then. Yesterday addedentry and I went to see VHS or Beta at the Portland Arms. He's done the proper review, but I still want to talk about it a bit, because it was a fantastic gig. Maybe it was just where we were standing, but it felt like I was actually in the music, seeing the shapes within it and the spaces between from the inside. I mostly get into music through the lyrics, so it was something of a surprise to realise that I couldn't hear most of the lyrics, and it didn't really matter, because the voice was just another brick in the wall of sound, another colour in the picture. A river of bass guitar, and an electrical storm of rhythm guitar overhead, with the lead guitar, oh, I don't know, flying through the storm, and a keyboard or similar box of electricks shimmering through the music like a fish darting through the river, and behind it all the drums were the sound of the scaffolding that holds up the whole scene, or the army marching into the middle of it all. And so much energy, all the time, like somebody turned the colour contrast up too far even though most of the colours were black.

Spending an evening in a tiny room full of cigarette smoke might not have been the best idea given how I've been feeling lately, but oh, I'm tired of the being ill. I've had stomach pains for a couple of weeks now and while the doctor was sympathetic and has given me tablets that are supposed to fix the symptoms, he doesn't really know what's wrong, apart from possibly gallbladder problems, which they've taken blood tests for. The pains aren't as bad but I still feel like I have trapped wind most of the time, and today I have mostly been feeling queasy and a bit dizzy, and achey. The worst thing is I'm so hungry all the time, but I doubt if the eating will help the stomach, so I'm trying to be sensible. Having said that, I ate a Green & Black's chocolate bar quite accidentally the other day, while I was thinking about something else. I'm turning into somebody I didn't think I was. theladiesloos would probably tell me I'm pregnant, but, really, no! They tell everybody that, anyway. Even the men. Oh, wait.

Paul Brady's "The Road to the Promised Land" came up on my party shuffle (that's the closest I get to dancing, ho ho) a while ago, and I suddenly had a nerdy boyish urge to compile a list of top ten songs with piano introductions. I'm not even sure if that one would be on it, really, but Bruce Hornsby's "The Way it Is" would be right up there, and Joni Mitchell's "Blue", and Radiohead's "Everything in its Right Place", and Tori Amos's "Winter", though all of hers are piano songs really. Okay, it's not Top Ten, really, more top-of-the-head. ... The Piano Man reminds me of Kazuo Ishiguro's "The Unconsoled", which I never finished, though I didn't get the impression it was really going to have an ending anyway. Maybe the real life story will have more of an ending, but they don't tend to, do they?

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