Janet (j4) wrote,

Remind over matter

addedentry beat me to a timely reminder of our birthday parties this Thursday and Saturday. Come along, with or without badgers!

As far as I can work out the only people who have actually requested crashspace are: truecatachresis, hairyears, jvvw +1, burkesworks. I can't see any problem with fitting all those in, though it may get a bit cosy (or noisy if you all snore). If you've already asked (or hinted) and I haven't listed you here, THIS IS NOT A DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO EXCLUDE YOU, I am just hopeless, so remind me or ask less subtly! If you've not asked but want crashspace, ask now or you may end up sleeping in the bath on Saturday night.

Today I have to make three phone calls, put together two sets of posters for CCO concerts, write a letter inviting people to one of said concerts, cycle into town, post a letter, buy Important Stuff, take clothes/books to charity shops (desperately trying to make space in the house before Saturday), go to an orchestra rehearsal (having previously sorted out music-related faff), decorate a cake, ice another cake, wrap presents, make Important Things, and pack the stuff I need for Thursday night / Friday morning in London. Somewhere in all that I have to find time to eat and sleep. Oh, and apparently I have a full-time job as well...

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