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Here in my car I am safest of all

Interview at the Refugee Council was a bit scary -- basically they said "We're not taking any notice of your application form now, we're just going to ask you 9 questions and you'll have about 2 minutes to answer each one, and we'll write down everything you say". So, basically "Do another application form, orally".

They did say that I'd done fairly well to get an interview at all, as they were only interviewing 5 people out of 22 applicants (for 2 posts... so I have a 3/5 chance of not getting the job.). Unfortunately I really don't think I did that well in the interview. I know I don't speak well in interviews; I know I sound nervous (I am nervous) and I never have my answers prepared (because I never know what they're going to ask!). Fortunately I won't have to worry about it too long; they've promised they'll tell everybody yea or nay by noon on Friday.

Whatever happens, though, I found my way to and from Oakington Barracks without getting lost. So even if I don't get a job, I've proved that I'm getting better at finding my way around and following maps. If I keep on at this rate, soon I might even be as generally competent as a 12-year-old. <sigh>

At least the drive back gave me a chance to calm down a bit. Sometimes I think I could be happy just staying in my car for ever.

Went straight from Oakington to brrm's house, and thence to Ian Allen so that he could fix brrm's ailing moggy. Nice to have a considerate driver behind me along the A10 for a change! And I got there without getting lost, too, although got very confused by the roundabouts just outside Ely. (The map is missing one roundabout. Grr.)

IA had a quick look at pto452 while we were there, and has given me advice on how to fix the choke cable -- apparently it is fixable, with the aid of bicycle brake cable, a competent solderer, and time. Refreshing to hear a car mechanic say "Don't pay me to fix this" -- basically the parts cost next to nothing, I'd be paying for labour which I could do myself.

Wanted: somebody to teach me to solder. :-)

I let brrm drive back, and he managed to get pto452 up to about 50mph! ... I say "about" because the speedo is flappier than a flappy thing, and frankly it's anybody's guess. We decided I should replace the dial with one which just has "STOP -- SLOW -- FAST" on it, since that's about all the information it gives...

Quick stop back home and then brrm and I went to the Castle for dinner, drinks, talking about cars, talking about sw*rds, and stuff. Seemed like hardly any time (time flies, etc.) before it was getting late-ish & I had to take him back to his parents' house mansion. All in all it was a nice evening though. :-)

sion_a is still not well... will probably have to stay in and look after him this evening instead of going to the Carlton.

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