Janet (j4) wrote,

Ribs: for her agony

I've pulled a muscle somewhere around my ribs, from coughing so much. I'm not exaggerating for dramatic effect, honest; on Sunday, after a week of coughing, I felt something go "twang" and now it hurts every time I cough, and nearly every time I do anything energetic like twisting, bending, or inhaling too enthusiastically.

Anyway, this isn't a real LJ entry, it's just a boring catch-up, so feel free to skip it.

I got a letter from the dentist people confirming the stuff they'd suggested at the appointment in writing, and it looks like I misunderstood them: apparently it's £400 for the private veneer thing, and they haven't given me a quote for the NHS one at all. Maybe it's actually free, like the NHS used to be in the old days? Anyway, I've had a close look at my teeth, and apart from a big brown mark and a lot of little white spots (too much fluoride as a kid, apparently) the actual base colour of them isn't that bad, so I don't think I'll be getting the bleaching done.

On Thursday I had an optician's appointment, but don't worry, I'm not going to start whining at you all about laser eye surgery, contact lenses, or even new glasses: my eyes are fine, no prescription change at all, but the optician suggests I should see a doctor about the headaches I keep getting, because apparently they sound like mild migraine. They muttered about high blood pressure (though I get that checked every 6 months anyway), VDUs (well, duh) and food sensitivity (which is modern medicine's equivalent of blaming black humours in the blood). On the plus side, though, they fixed the nubbins on my glasses, the bits that make them sit right on my nose. I now have sparkly clean new nubbins.

Thursday afternoon I went home from work when my head started spinning & I realised I just couldn't think straight any more. I basically slept for most of Thursday and some of Friday, though on Friday we kept having power-cuts so inbetween sleeping I had to keep rebooting the network and the boiler, resetting clocks, and phoning the electricity people to whinge at them.

Over the weekend I had addedentry there to mop my fevered brow, bring me glasses of water, listen to me whinging, and help me make shepherd's pie (thanks to teleute for the recipe!). He even sat through The Sound of Music with me, which I thought was boyfriendly concern above and beyond the call of duty, particularly since there aren't actually that many nuns or N*z*s in it, really. Mind you, he did give me this wretched virus in the first place.

Back at work yesterday, and by lunchtime I just wanted to go to sleep. This is normal for me, but usually I get a burst of energy (that lasts for about 10 minutes) in the late afternoon as well, and I didn't get that this time. Unfortunately, my decision to drastically cut down on caffeine coincided with my being ill, so I can't tell if the increased lethargy is just post-viral or whether it's connected with having given up the stimulants. OR BOTH.

Work is getting me down, but that's nothing new; my job is the electronic equivalent of envelope-stuffing. If I was clever, I could make it into a more interesting job, but I'm not, so I carry on with the clerical stuff and don't get anything extra done. Still, at least the university doesn't fire people, so I can probably just carry on being useless here, getting paid enough to stay afloat, until I die.

This week I will be mostly SLEEPING.

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