Janet (j4) wrote,

Six implausible things

Doing the rounds at the moment -- six things I have done that you probably haven't (mostly because I'm being absurdly specific about them):

1. Played a musical instrument with the Hallé orchestra.
2. Made 200 pairs of cardboard glasses, like 3D goggles but with green acetate in both sides, in one afternoon.
3. Read Titus Groan while sitting outside a ruined castle at the top of a mountain (well, okay, a big hill).
4. Copied Luke's gospel in Anglo-Saxon onto a cake.
5. Been exactly (well, to the year) half the age of my first car.*
6. Painted my nails in chessboard patterns while being driven through Milton Keynes.

But I'm willing to be proved wrong...

* edit: I'm rephrasing this as "Bought a first car which was twice my age", & hopefully that will make the wilfully obtuse leave me alone.
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