Janet (j4) wrote,

Notes from a small badger

Three things you might not have known about raw garlic:

1. It clears your sinuses IMMEDIATELY.
2. It really scorches a sore throat.
3. It doesn't go as well with hot buttered hot-cross-buns as you might think.

Realisations about cosmetic toothmangling:

1. The way my bloody teeth look at the moment, if I got married I wouldn't want to smile on my own wedding photos.
2. People routinely spend hundreds of pounds on a wedding dress they'll only wear once. I'll wear my teeth every day, at least until they all fall out and I can replace them with POTTERY TEETH.

Why eBay is ace:

I just sold a batch of eight Famous Five hardbacks (three of them first editions) and made £22 of PURE PROFIT.
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