Janet (j4) wrote,

Tech the halls

On my own in the house for the first time these hols, surrounded by glittering piles of shiny tech, I've finally found the motivation to try to set up my SonyEricsson P900 to talk to my computer. (I've only had the P900 for about 8 months, so this is something of a record for me in terms of getting round to configuring things.) First things first, install the software on the two CDs that came with the phone... that's the two PC CDs. Hmm.

Never mind, eh; Macs are clever, so I'll just use iSync to do its clever stuff... except that iSync can't see any devices within range, despite the fact that Bluetooth file sharing was eventually persuaded to see my phone once I told it that it was an 'other device' rather than a phone (though it still can't see any files on it).

What am I doing wrong?

The other tech task I'd planned to get done today was to transfer some files from a mac floppy disk to my laptop. Easy! ... Except that the mac with a floppy drive isn't on the network and doesn't have a USB port, and the PC (which also isn't on the network) which has a floppy drive and a USB port won't read this (rather ancient) vintage of mac disk. Maybe I'll get bored enough yet that I'll try to find a more recent mac/PC floppy disk, transfer the files from one disk to the other on the mac, then use the PC to read the newer disk... or maybe I'll wait till I get back to Cambridge, where I have an external USB floppy drive for the mac.

Meanwhile, while wireless network and BROADBAND are very much appreciated, it's irritating that the built-in firewall here seems to block anything useful (ssh, telnet, ftp). This means that I can only get to chiark (where all my mail is) via mindterm, which is okay except that due to some as yet undiagnosed terminal weirdness tab doesn't work. Which means I can't tab to the next new mail (in an inbox with 1772 mails in it, this is actually something of a problem) and I can't tab-complete anything. Annoying.

In other news: not only do I appear to have no network-fu, I seem to have lost all my elite gamer-fu. sion_a bought me the Sonic Mega Collection for Christmas, and I have been hedgehogging the telly to fuel my videogame addiction ever since. However I completely FAILED to finish Sonic 2 despite having 12 lives at the start of Death Egg Zone, and I can't even get past the Labyrinth Zone boss on original Sonic. And I can't unlock Sonic Spinball until I've finished one or more of the first three games! My left thumb is blistered, I'm seeing gold rings in front of my eyes, but the evil Doctor Robotnik remains unvanquished. I'll get you next time, Robotnik, just see if I don't...

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