January 15th, 2012


The long and the short of it

Some of you will remember that I was talking about the possibility of getting a bakfiets-style bike, and looked at ONE WEIRD OLD BIKE FOR A MOM, and having determined that that was a rubbish bike, resolved to look at some non-rubbish bikes instead.

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Input welcome, particularly from people who have experience of riding cargo bikes and/or taking children on bikes.

PLEASE NOTE: if you comment to tell me that you think cycling is evil and dangerous and I shouldn't even consider taking an infant on a bike, I will delete your comment, and may block you from further comments. I'm not interested in rehashing that particular argument; I have considered the risks and come to the conclusion that they're acceptable in return for the benefits. There is no such thing as a risk-free activity. Please respect my right as an adult to make my own risk assessments within the limits of the law. Your statutory rights are not affected.