March 27th, 2011


Fixing to live

Ages ago I posted about things that needed fixing. Yesterday I finally finished fixing my suitcase (I've not exactly been very proactive about fixing it... I managed to saw the original rivets off a couple of months ago, and managed to find some screws a few weeks ago, and yesterday I finally got round to not only sawing up a small block of wood into two chunks into which the screws could go but also actually putting these elements together and finishing the job). So it's only taken me about four months to fix the damn thing, though I've used it in the meantime (it was fine as a suitcase, just didn't stand up properly). I'm really glad I've fixed it though: it only cost me £3.50 from a charity shop and I've now been using it for 4 and a half years so I think it's doing pretty well.

Last week addedentry's wardrobe fell apart (it was one of those cheap wood-frame-and-canvas-cover jobs, and the pole that holds the clothes was propped up on about 5mm of pine at each end, and basically the weight of clothes on it finally dragged it through that 5mm of wood), and yesterday we a) fixed the wardrobe (by turning the bit of wood with the support for the pole upside-down, so the pole's got a new bit of wood to rest on) and b) put up a metal clothes-rail by actually drilling into the actual wall. This is the first time we've actually drilled anything without help from proper grown-ups, and it hasn't fallen down yet, even with addedentry's clothes on it!

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Anyway, all I really wanted to say was that I was pleased that we'd finally got round to fixing some things and moving some furniture around and generally making the house a bit more manageable. And this whole burst of productivity seems to have been unlocked by getting the curtain rail up in our bedroom (that was the first thing on the list & I think it was causing us to put off doing everything else...), so we have timscience to thank! :-)