August 1st, 2009


Pox pops

Teenagers overheard on the bus:

"No, you can still carry the germs even if you haven't got it."
"No you can't, not if you take Tamiflu."
"What, you can get a TABLET for it?"
"Yeah. No. It's called Tamiflu."
"How do you know you've got it?"
"Well you can't sleep, and then there's loss of appetite, and... I dunno, there's this thing,
I've got it on here, and there's this number you can ring, I'll show you... what does 'Swine Flu' begin with? Is it 'S'? Yeah? [pause] Oh for fuck's sake well anyway there's a number."
"Apparently the age of, like, getting it is, like, 5 to 15. The age of, like, DYING from it."

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