June 27th, 2009



addedentry and I have the keys to our house! Well, some of the keys. The estate agents gave us the front door keys, & told us that all the other keys were in the house. They're not, as far as we can tell.

I say "as far as we can tell" because it's entirely possible that the keys are lost/buried under the skipload of junk that the seller and tenants have kindly left us. Books, clothes, furniture, bottles of vodka, a broken bong... basically all the cupboards are still full of crap. Ugh.

So, as twittered, we're going to be there on Sunday afternoon clearing stuff out. It's not exactly a party, but if anybody's at a loose end and feels like helping us sort things into piles ("recycling", "bin", "what the holy fvck is this" etc) then they will be very welcome & we will reward them with beer and/or cake (or equivalent local currency). Also, you'll be welcome to take any of the junk if you want! (I'm not promising some kind of treasure-trove here, but, y'know, books is books.)

If you're planning to take up this generous offer :-) please email/txt one of us for the address.