May 12th, 2009



On Sunday I will be running the Oxford Town & Gown 10K, again. This lunchtime we did a trial run of the different-but-still-a-bit-silly route round town, minus about a quarter of a kilometre because we wanted to end up back at work, and managed it in 55 minutes without trying particularly hard and while fighting our way round the zombie hordes tourists. Collapse )

Some of you kind people sponsored me on paper at the weekend; if anybody else feels moved to motivate me and help the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, I have made my first ever page and will be trying to convince the people who organise the sponsorship from their seekrit volcano lair house in Witney that the internets is a viable alternative to pen and paper. (If this doesn't work, the charity will still get the money, but I might be saved from acquiring the mrs joyful prize for rafia work commemorative spoon for getting lots of sponsorship.)

Just to be clear, there is absolutely no obligation to sponsor me. Really. I will not think any the less of you if you don't (though of course I will be grateful if you do!). There is even less obligation to come and wave from the sidelines, since I will probably be going huff-huff-huff like a badger with a bellows, and may not even see you. :-} Also, I know lots of you sponsored me for the Red Nose Run not long ago, & I have been shamefully remiss in not emailing everybody to thank them -- so a belated thank you to all of you now! (I should also have linked to the photos of running/silliness and photos of colleges from the event, too.) I won't be dressed up for the Town & Gown, I'm afraid; but maybe one day I will walk a charity race in the boots I wore on Saturday night, though it may take as long as it took the guy in the diving suit to run a marathon.

Now to go and bathe my slightly-achey legs, assuming the man-who-does managed to fix the hot water...