March 2nd, 2009


Running noses

Regular readers may remember that a while ago I asked for a route round all Oxford's Colleges.

In the end, some of my colleagues came up with a fairly plausible route. It's 8.36 miles, and on the morning of Friday 13th March, I will be running this route (along with said colleagues) to raise money for Comic Relief.

You can see where this is going, can't you?[*] Yes, I'm badgering asking you if you'd consider sponsoring me, either via my personal fundraising page, the team's group fundraising page, or by some other means if you prefer.

[ETA: Or you could sponsor my colleague Barry, who doesn't have many sponsors yet & as a result is feeling a bit unloved. The money all goes to the same place! And he's literally twice my age and taught me all I know about running!]

I've never run as far as this before, and I'm almost certainly going to be hampered by wearing silly clothes (the exact level of silliness is yet to be decided; if you sponsor me, you get to see the embarrassing photos afterwards); I'm determined to get all the way round even if I have to walk bits of it, but I'll be even more motivated to do it if I know I'm raising loadsamoney for a good cause.

Thank you!

[*] In fact, by the magic of GPS-enabled mobile devices, you will even be able to see where we're going live on the web as we run. More about this nearer the time...