November 2nd, 2008



As I twittered yesterday, there's now an LJ app for the iPhone. This test of its capabilities doesn't count towards the post-a-day, but may make it easier to keep up while I'm away at a conference next week.

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In summary: quite usable, a bit buggy, but since it's free and this is only the first release I will persevere with it and see how it develops.

PS: I should point out that this is the first LJ client I've tried at all. I did look (back in the early days) to see if there was a command-line LJ client, and there wasn't, so I stuck with the web interface. 8-)

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All points North


Dismissed as grey, cold-shouldered, distant, stern,
and harsh -- until I saw it in the light,
suddenly shining silver, every stone
soaking up the warmth of summer. Bright
sun gleams on every edge and corner, lingers
on lines lead-pencilled by an architect's long fingers.

The Town House turrets steeple to the sky.

You sit in silence on the long low wall
beside the quad; a way apart, I lie
balanced, hard stone between my shoulderblades,
hard stone along my spine. Not far to fall,
but far enough. The light begins to fade.
Your fingers curl around a cigarette;
I catch my breath. Your eyes stay distant, cool as granite.

It feels like cheating, meeting blogging targets by posting backlogged material (even though that still satisfies the point of the exercise, the unblocking), so I'll try to add some value to a seventh-rate sonnet by picking apart the process.

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