July 10th, 2008



The iPhone 3G comes out tomorrow.

  • The O2 shop in the Clarendon Centre will have "lots" in stock. It opens at 9am.
  • The Carphone Warehouse on Cornmarket will have 50 in stock (though you can put your name down today and sort of reserve one). It opens at 8am.
  • The Carphone Warehouse on Botley Road (on my way into work) is uncontactable by phone, ironically, so I have no idea when they open or how many iPhones they will have in stock.

I think j4 should: not buy an iPhone at all OH WAIT THAT'S NOT AN OPTION

get to town at 8am to buy an iPhone from Carphone Warehouse, that extra hour makes all the difference!
trust that the Carphone Warehouse on Botley Road will a) be open at 8am, and b) have enough iPhones to meet the demand of the West Oxford hipster massive
buy an iPhone from O2, they're more respectable and besides j4 will never actually get up that early anyway
queue outside beforehand just to make sure
stop worrying, just amble over to a shop whenever, there will actually only be a queue of, like, one person

ETA: the NOT AN OPTION bit was meant to appear at the end of the poll but LJ-poll-maker cocked it up! FAIL!