March 25th, 2008


Who moved my rock?

We had plans to go away at Easter but a combination of disorganisation and weather meant that in the end we mostly just hid under a rock. On the plus side it's now much tidier under the rock: making this metaphor work for its money, the woodlice have been evicted, the lichen have been watered, and you can see the glinty streaks of quartz shining through. In real terms this means Collapse )

addedentry and I didn't buy each other loads of chocolate for Easter, partly because we still have so much chocolate from Christmas (!); but he surprised & delighted me by having baked me some Easter biscuits, which were so tasty I decided not to take them into work today so I didn't have to even consider sharing them with anybody except Owen, OMNOMNOM. :-) And I did roast pork with all the whatnots on Sunday, which was very tasty if I do say so myself, and then made the leftovers of it into some kind of casserole-kind-of-thing yesterday (fry sadly-not-crackling-but-very-garlicky pork fat and a red onion, add rest of leftover pork, add carrots and parsnips and mushrooms and a pint of stock and a couple of glasses of red wine, leave simmering for ages while fettling Ubuntu, stick the leftover yorkies on top for a few minutes at the end) which was also pretty tasty. ALSO also, Warburton's hot cross bun loaf for the win! Exactly like hot cross buns but easier to stick in the toaster, and very tasty with home-made marmalade.

And despite all the vegging out and eating and drinking over the weekend I still managed to run 5 miles today. My new sports socks are the business (and the shorts from the same place are also so comfy I bought a second pair). I am also grateful for the ongoing support of Shock Absorber [warning! site features JIGGLY BREASTS, eventually!].