November 25th, 2007


Oxbridge too far

Getting from Oxford to Cambridge by public transport is always awkward: the Varsity Line hasn't existed for 40 years and isn't likely to be reinstated in the next 20; airship sadly doesn't exist yet; which leaves you with a choice of either a) getting the train in and out of London, or b) taking the Bus of Death. Every time I make this choice I go through the same process of swithering between train and bus: the train's more comfortable, but the bus is cheaper, but the train's more frequent, but the bus is probably more predictable, but the train will be a bus on Sunday anyway, and oh for heaven's sake.

I'm not sure quite why the X5 is so depressing. Collapse )

HOWEVER, all the travelling and related doom was entirely worthwhile because we got to see lots of lovely people in Cambridge. We had tea and cake with 1ngi and sion_a, and then on to ceb and iwj-winolj's housewarming. (If I was writing this on LiveJournal I'd probably summarise the party by saying that we went "oooh" at shiny house, and "yay!" at shiny people, and "mmm" at tasty boozes... oh, wait, I am writing this on LiveJournal, so that'll do nicely. As for going "mmm" at tasty people too, I couldn't possibly comment. ;-)

It is a shame we had to leave so ridiculously early the next morning that we couldn't even stay for breakfast with rmc28 and fanf who had very kindly given us their spare bed for the night, but I wouldn't have been much company in the morning, to be honest. :-/ Should be back in Cambridge again soon so hopefully next time I'll be able to catch up with some of the folks I was forced to neglect this time. I do miss the place (a bit) and the people (a lot). Sigh.

Rambling now. Time for bed. Ow, me head.