November 12th, 2007


It's not right, but it's okay

My legs are still aching from Saturday's attempt at running, and my brain is starting to feel a bit weary from trying to come up with things to say every day. I find there's a point with everything like this where I catch myself thinking "hold on a minute... this is hard work, why am I doing this?" and I either have to come up with some kind of rationalisation for it, carry on regardless, or stop. Same with the photography: part of the reason I decided to pay actual money, for what (as my glassware-wielding colleagues were quick to point out) I could have done socially and informally via flickr and Wikipedia, was to pre-emptively come up with some rationalisation. Trick the brain: "You paid money for this, so you should finish it." "Oh, okay," says brain, not really stopping to ask "so whose damnfool idea was it to pay that money?"

None of which, as the alert reader will have noticed, is an answer to the question "why am I doing this?"

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