October 30th, 2007


Fun over

For information, if you get a phone message purporting to be from Alliance and Leicester leaving the number "0845 300 3440", it probably is actually from Alliance and Leicester, despite the fact that the first Google hit for it is some other people. They couldn't explain it either, but they did seem to think they'd left me a message.

The reason they'd left me a message was that they had spotted a Suspicious Transaction on my card -- not merely the recent late-night purchase from amazon.fr, as I first guessed (after they stopped my card because of a late-night payment to yahoo.com last month) but actually a genuine Suspicious Transaction. Yes, somebody has defrauded my debit card to the tune of... wait for it... £2.39, which they apparently spent at "Jazz Inc". Wow, I bet that buys them a lot of fun.

I suppose £2.39 would buy you a fair amount of jazz on iTunes, actually, if we assume that jazz tracks are likely to be longer (because more noodly) but less in demand (and therefore only 79p) so you'll get a lot more music for your money.

But somehow I don't think it was that sort of jazz.

ANYWAY. Seven working days without a debit card is not the end of the world but it's a pain in the neck when I've got a day's holiday on Friday and am going to London for a gig. And frankly, based on the way this week is going so far, I'm expecting the gig to be cancelled at 5 minutes' notice and all buses/trains to and from London to be replaced by large vats of shit. (How would they tell? TERRIBLE. Har har.)

In an attempt to have more fun than the week is so far trying to supply, your challenge for the week is: what's the most fun you can have for £2.39? (Doing something which costs no money at all is cheating: you have to spend the £2.39 somewhere along the way.) Answers on the back of a cheque for £2.39, please.