September 16th, 2007


Got up and went

Hello! I'm not dead. But I do seem to have lost my LiveJournal mojo a bit. I have plans for Strategies for sorting this out. But for now, as an example of the way my exciting life is pottering along, this weekend (starting from Friday night) I have:

- been to a gig (Daedelus, at the Luminaire in Kilburn; review to follow...)
- been to a play (of sorts: "Potted Potter", all the Harry Potter books in 60 minutes; review to follow for that, too, hopefully...)
- nearly scored a goal in Quidditch as part of the above :-)
- met up with smallbeds and rgl for a coffee
- played Boggle in the Far From The Madding Crowd
- written some perl (for work)
- finished reading two books
- sorted out a stack of documentation, mostly car-related
- tried to register for an OU course in digital photography (need to phone them tomorrow, their online registration is rubbish)
- got all my personal email inboxes down to under 100 (but not my work one)
- emailed one friend and phoned another, both of whom been meaning to phone/email for about 2 months
- fixed my mac laptop (which had decided it didn't want to have a Bluetooth thingy any more)
- got my mac to sync with my phone at last
- phoned my parents
- catalogued some more of our books on LibraryThing

I rather feel as though I'm always busy and never actually getting very much done. I also feel as though I'm losing touch with people a lot, though I'm delighted that so many more people are on Facebook now -- I do find it a good way of keeping people on my radar. So this is a sort of LJ keeping-in-touch amnesty: if you feel neglected or not-kept-in-touch-with or you just want a reply to something, please comment here, and I promise I will reply to your comment.