May 11th, 2007


May the fifth be with you

An old joke, but... an old one. And only a week overdue!

Anyway: a very belated thank you to all the people who celebrated my and addedentry's birthday(s) with us last weekend, either in person or by email, SMS, card, Facebook, or any other means of communication I've temporarily forgotten about. You are all very kind and I am a lousy thank-you-letter-writer, and I'm sorry.

The long weekend (a nice side-effect of when our birthday is) was all fun. On Friday night we had a low-key but lovely meal out at The Jam Factory with a couple of friends (and Owen's brother), and we had CAKE (photos to follow). The waiters didn't really mind us bringing our own cake but we bribed them (by giving them CAKE) just in case, because they are always so nice to us there. :-)

We opened all our presents on Saturday morning, sitting on the bed surrounded by an ocean of wrapping paper, and on Saturday night we went to Feeling Gloomy and danced a considerable portion of the night away to indie disco, which was jolly good fun. They even gave us CAKE at Feeling Gloomy! We got to stand on the stage and be sung at! There is photographic evidence!

And on the Bank Holiday Monday we went on an unexpectedly sunny walk from the Victoria Arms to town as the less-heroic, non-punting wing of this venture. Timings and misunderstandings meant that we only met up with the punters very briefly on the river-path, but it was a good walk (photos of that to follow too) & I'd be very happy to do it again with the company we intended to have!

The inbetween bits of the weekend (Sunday, later on Monday) were spent fighting an old Mac G3 which really doesn't seem to want to have Ubuntu installed on it (despite the tender ministrations and strategically-placed screwdrivers of brrm on Sunday afternoon). No, really, that was fun too, just a different kind of fun.

Anyway. Thank you all again. :-)

And hopefully now that I've unblocked that bottleneck I'll be able to post some of the other things I've been meaning to post all week.

Icing the body electric

As promised: a photo of the cake I made for Owen's birthday. (Not actually a body nor anything electric, but, dammit, what else was I going to do with that phrase once I'd thought of it?)

I am thinking that putting cakes on my website is a bit web 1.0 (not to mention making me a disk hog on chiark) and I should probably just move the whole lot to flickr. A project for a rainy day, maybe.

Also, I need a CAKE userpic.