April 9th, 2007


OUCS I did it again

I wasn't going to blog about this until it was signed and sealed and not-subject-to-anything, but people keep asking me and I'm too impatient to wait that long, so...

I have (subject to references) a new job.

First, a huge thank you to all the people (including some not on LJ) who gave me advice and encouragement for the application and the interview, and (especially the people on IRC) who didn't shout at me once during about two weeks of non-stop panicking.

Second, some details: all being well, in about a month or two's time I will be moving, ooh, all of 20 metres up the road to OUCS, to do more webbish stuff. Same grade, same salary (and in fact even paid by the same organisation), but a very different focus and a different working culture.

I say "about a month or two" because my start date is still under negotiation (and technically those negotiations can't even be started until the references are in and blah blah blah); I'm only obliged to give a month's notice, as I'm still within my probationary period, but I don't want to be a jobsworth about it. My current line-manager and my line-manager-to-be will be slugging it out between them working towards a mutually acceptable compromise.

So I'm going to be pretty busy for the next few months, not just dealing with the handover for the current job (I don't think there would have been a good time to leave, but if I'm honest then this is a pretty awkward time) but also learning everything in the world in order to be able to do the new job. It's cool and exciting, but also a bit scary. I was flattered that people at OUCS suggested I apply for this post, surprised and delighted to be offered it; now I just hope I can live up to their expectations...