January 22nd, 2007


Four-minute warming

As per earlier warning, we're having a housewarming party on Saturday January 27th. That's this Saturday, from, ooh, about party o'clock.

Partners/children/friends welcome. There will be some drinks but mostly Weird Shit From The Back Of The Cupboard so if you want to guarantee that a sane drink will be available you're probably best bringing it yourself. There will be nibbles and (if I have time to bake it) cake, and in case of Munchies Emergencies the Co-op is about 30 seconds' walk from our house and stays open until 11pm.

There may be Singstar if enough people want to and enough other people don't mind.

addedentry has spent the last two weeks writing an exhaustingly exhaustive guide to finding our house. If you get lost, phone us (if you don't have a number and want one, ask).

Any other questions that I've failed to pre-empt, ask!