January 10th, 2007



But seriously, how am I supposed to develop a future-proof, forward-thinking*, dynamic and synergistic user communications strategy if I don't have access to the latest web browsing technology?

* Interestingly, our house style eschews hyphens. Given the jargon of the sector, this sometimes makes for a less user friendly unreadably technology rich adjectivally overloaded word pile up.

If I turned you off back there

"On televisions, for example, we would like to see labels saying 'if you watch it, it will cost x pence per hour, if you leave it on standby, it will cost y pence'. Then you can present the environmental cost in monetary terms"
But that's not actually presenting the environmental cost at all, really, is it? Unless you add "WHICH MEANS that when you sink into drooling oblivion in front of the flickering forms of minor celebrities bonking in a bath of baked beans you are not only wasting the product of several thousand years of human evolution but also SYSTEMATICALLY RAPING THE PLANET and leaving it an UNINHABITABLE WASTE LAND, you selfish cretin." Really. Is it. I mean.

That's before we get to the question of how in the name of -- well, frankly, anything you care to name -- an electric toothbrush can be regarded as "essential".

I think I'm just in a bad mood today.