December 24th, 2006


A card rain is gonna fall

Heyheyhey! It's nearly Christmas! It's all been a bit weird and a bit crazy this year, with the moving house and jobs and having the flu and everything, and I've been terribly bad at sending cards (let alone presents), so to make up for that you have a choice of TWO yes TWO LiveJournal Christmas cards this year:

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Now I'm going to go and finish wrapping my presents* before I go to bed. Hope you all have (or are already having, depending on when you read this and/or your local timezone) a great Christmas, or winter festival of your choice, or just a relaxing day without requiring any excuse to do things you enjoy. (That should cover all bases, but if it doesn't, please assume I wished you well in whatever words you prefer. :-)

* That is, presents for other people, from me. We have many weird Christmas customs here in the McKnightery, but wrapping the Christmas presents intended as gifts for ourselves isn't one of them. (Pathological re-dis-unambiguation of the unambiguous isn't a Christmas custom, we do it all year round!)