December 13th, 2006


How will you go

We've been in Oxford for just over a month now, so it's probably time for an update...

Our four-bedroom flat is pretty good. We've unpacked a lot more than I thought we would have done by this time, and even the rooms which are still full of boxes are already in the shape that we want them to be in, with furniture in (more or less) the right places. And it looks like there's going to be room to have all our books out on the shelves! (Okay, when I say all our books, I'm not counting the thousands which are still lodging with our respective parents.) We don't yet have a wardrobe, and after one too many arguments over the unbearable crapness of IKEA I really can't face another journey through flatpack hell, so instead I'm going to try to buy one on eBay.

We're more or less getting used to being woken up at 6am every day by Iceland (the loading bay is just across the carpark from our bedroom window), but there are lots more positive sides to living in a shopping precinct: the Co-op is a minute's walk from the front door, the newsagent is underneath us (we haven't yet gone downstairs in dressing-gowns to get the Sunday papers, but I fear it's only a matter of time), there are lots of other useful local shops around, and about 8 different bus services go into town from the stop outside our front door.

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Do I miss Cambridge? I don't really miss it as a place, but I miss a lot of things about the life I'd built up there. I thought I'd be able to transplant most of them here, but it's harder than it looks; I know the grass may only be greener back there because it's had longer to grow, but I feel as though it's a big scratchy grey patch of land that I've acquired here and I currently don't have much confidence that the things I've planted will take root.

I guess we'll just have to see what the spring brings. Lilacs, maybe.