October 30th, 2006


Re: move

I've got lots of things to write up, but they're probably all buried at the bottom of a box at the moment, so they may have to wait till I get to Oxford and unpack the internets.

Despite the fact that we've already booked a removal company I trust, I'm still trying to get the quotations I started trying to get about two weeks ago, because I need three written quotations in order to apply for a relocation allowance. Unfortunately it looks as though I'm just going to have to field the expense myself, as getting quotations out of these people is like getting blood out of the proverbial. Collapse )

We've seen our new house, though! It's big, and a bit scruffy (but in a comfortable-ripped-jeans kind of way rather than a letting-in-water kind of way), and has TWO BALCONIES. How excellent is that?