June 29th, 2006



So Department X wants a complete list of all the people who link to their site because, and I quote:
We are currently looking at updating the information on our website and we want to know who and where other departments link into our website to ensure the correct information is given.
I can't wait to find out who'd have to link to them in order for them to consider it worthwhile to provide correct information. I also wonder what they're going to do about it if the wrong people are linking to them... no, wait, I know the answer to that, and it involves the words "whinging" and "in my general direction".

Caking it

Just received this by email:
My name's Holly and I'm e-mailing from Lion Television. We're making a brand new entertainment show for the BBC and I was wondering if you had a few minutes to talk about your cake decorating.
It appears to be for real, and obviously I'd like "the chance to win big cash prizes", but do I have "what it takes"? I certainly don't have any desire to be publicly humiliated on live TV, which unfortunately is what I suspect it will involve. Still, I suppose there's no harm in talking to them...

A more plausible imminent TV appearance may be as part of the studio audience for "Street Cred Suduku" [sic], as I've just applied for a couple of tickets from SRO Audiences. The fact that they're still using the term "Street Cred" (which I thought was infra dig these days) suggests they don't have any, so it should be right up my street.