May 22nd, 2006


Brolly good show

This weekend I managed to stick an electric screwdriver in my hand while doing some trivial DIY, cut my wrist on a broken umbrella, and attend a barbecue in the rain. Isn't the Bank Holiday supposed to be next weekend?

The weekend before was K's hen night, and it rained then as well Collapse )

Love in an old climate

picture of l33t scrabble tiles
Thanks to sion_a for the l337 5cr488l3 71l35!

On May 5th (I'm catching up, slowly, backwards) addedentry and I got a bit older. On the actual day we went out for a meal at new restaurant Agora at the Copper Kettle (unpretentious, inexpensive, jolly tasty), and on Sunday 7th lots of lovely people joined us for drinks at CB2 (stylish internet cafe, good food, reasonable wine, bemused staff).

addedentry and I made a cake, and in the time-honoured tradition I was still decorating it only an hour or so before the party. But in the end, with his brains and my looks steady hand, it turned out looking pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

picture of a cake decorated to look like a crossword

People ate cake, drank wine, and talked about music and politics, and fivemack did his best to look BAD:

picture of a cake decorated to look like a crossword

A good time was had by all; at least, a good time was had by us, and nobody else complained. And in case anybody was wondering, being 28 seems pretty good so far.