April 27th, 2006


It's not about me, it's about clue

Email conversations you don't want to have last thing in the day:
ME: Please circulate the work you've done so far to attendees before the end of tomorrow.
THEM: Unfortunately, the webpages are too large to be sent via my email, so I will have to forward them to you all via UMS.
ME: What format are these pages in? Can you gzip them?
THEM: They are screenshots from Paint in Word so each screenshot takes up more that my email allowance.

Email conversations you don't want to have first thing in the morning:
ME: I notice this [Reporter PDF] says "Orders of Examinations 2005" at the top of each page. Shouldn't it be 2006?
THEM: Whoops! it has been printed like that!


Scream crackered

Awful dreams last night, hidden behind a cut for the vivid of imagining, Collapse ) There was a soundtrack of non-stop bloodcurdling screaming, and eventually I woke up and realised that there really was non-stop screaming from the wailing wean next door. It's clearly got a healthy pair of lungs on it, but I can only wonder what (if anything) is going on in its head -- not to mention the heads of its parents.

By the time I had to get up I could barely move for tiredness; cycling in felt like trying to swim through treacle, and I still can't shake the ache from behind my eyes. I'm supposed to be going up to my parents' on Friday night so we can visit my grandad (who's been ill recently) on Saturday, and at the moment I'm just dreaming of sleeping on the train to Loughborough, and then sleeping in my old bedroom, not really mine any more but still a comfortable bed in a dark, quiet room.

Even this office seems quite peaceful by comparison with the screaming room; even with the constant huffing, thumping, sighing, throwing-things-around, and clicking of executive desk-toys from the chap at the desk behind me. He probably finds me just as annoying, mind you. Yesterday I had an argument with him over a word -- a single word! -- in a consultant's report. Collapse )

Why hasn't the screaming in my head stopped yet?