March 28th, 2006


House things?

While sorting through the vast drifts of paperwork I found half a Christmas card from a school-friend, saved because it featured her 'new' address. I decided that even though the card was from years ago and she might have moved again since then, this was still the most recent address I had for her, so I should transfer it into my address book.

The postcode was a bit hard to read, so I googled for what I thought it was, and verified that it was indeed correct... and in fact one of the hits, on, was for her house-number. Which told me that not only did she no longer live at the address I had, but that she sold her house two years ago for over twice what she originally paid for it.

I may never actually get round to getting in touch with her again anyway, because not even the magic of modern communications technology can make people have something to say to each other, but it's nice to know she's doing okay. :-)