February 14th, 2006


Heart of stone soup

I cut toast into heart-shapes this morning, which I feel was a doubly noble act of romantic whatnot coming from somebody who doesn't normally get up in time for breakfast. Still, it's only once a year, and it did leave me with some interesting-shaped offcuts of bread to dip into my cup-a-soup for lunch. Ahh, modern love!

Interestingly, though, the tradition of eating soup on Valentine's Day actually goes back to at least the 17th century. Collapse )


In other Valentine-related news, I decided this morning that our intranet homepage could benefit from Googlesque topical Photoshopping. Three people outside our team emailed us to say they'd noticed. It's nice to know that people use the Intranet occasionally.

While we're on the subject of the web, the other half of the sentence which began "The web-browser and I ..." was "... were looking at different stylesheets" -- it genuinely seemed like the most concise way to express the facepalmworthy error I'd been making.

Our standards for coherent email may be skewed, though. Today we at Webmaster Towers received an email from someone within the University, the sole text of which (excluding sig) was "How can the University's mission statement be interpreted to include pampering to populist sentiment?!!!!" In the absence of any context, we were all quite baffled, so I'm throwing the question open to my readers. The best answer may win a prize, but I'm not promising anything.