December 24th, 2005


Not a creature was stirring, not even a ... BADGER!

So, nearly there. There are now zero shopping hours left before Christmas, unless you really want to buy that special somebody a bag of charcoal briquettes from the all-night garage. I miss addedentry, but I'm happy to be at this-other-place-that's-home too, and I've got a stockingful (stop that) of presents from him to unwrap tomorrow ... and for everything else, there's SMS. 8-) My sister and I have covered the house with tacky decorations, photos of which will follow once I'm in a house where the firewall allows scp/ftp; and I've wrapped a grand total of, er, one present. (No, I'm not quite that stingy; at this rate I'll be up all night wrapping. In da house. Yes.)

In the meantime, I've fought my way through networks, Photoshop and gmail to bring you the following:

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Hope the season brings you enough of what you want and not too much of what you don't want. I'll probably be mostly-offline for the next few days, what with visiting grandparents and inlaws -- have a good winterval, and don't trash the internet while I'm gone, okay?