November 30th, 2005


Let's talk about decks, baby

Happy slightly-belated birthday to mobbsy for yesterday -- and thanks again to you, lnr, and damerell for hosting such a great party on Saturday.

[Photos: by rejs | by Art]

It looks like the party was responsible for mpinna catching the DJ bug. I can empathise with that -- for all that I got in a tizzy about it beforehand, it was ace fun getting to play at being a DJ again for a bit. I'd done it a handful of times at PANIC while I was at Oxford, but that was mumble years ago, and I was sure I'd forgotten everything. Anyway, addedentry will confirm that I spent the entire afternoon rootling through our CD collection like a rabid badger while totally failing to come up with a set(t), getting distracted by all those lyrics and memories, and in the end just threw absolutely everything that I might possibly want to play in a great big bag and dragged it all to the Cow, and of course ended up only using about 6 of those 30 CDs. But still! We had a great afternoon of playing through our favourite indie choons, and got to the party in plenty of time. About an hour before my slot (hurr hurr) I was so nervous that I was all for chickening out; but addedentry chivvied me along a bit, and about 30 minutes before I was 'on' I finally scrawled down something resembling a set-list on the back of a napkin and then went for it.

As it was the "90th" (3x30th) birthday party, and I first met the birthday people in the 1990s, I took that noble decade as my theme. ... Okay, I admit, I'd've been quite likely to play a set heavily biased towards 1990s indie music anyway. But for once I had an excuse!

So I played: Collapse )

The best thing about DJing is looking out across the dancefloor and seeing loads of people dancing and singing along. It's partly the validation of my tastes in music (which is always nice, particularly from cool people); partly "playing God" (after all, as we know, God is a DJ) by controlling the room like that; but mostly, I think, it's just being able to have fun (and I do enjoy it once I've got over the excruciating nerves) doing something that lets other people have fun. I wish there were more opportunities to do this.