November 29th, 2005


Champagne supermarket

This getting-a-new-job lark involves an awful lot of drinking, doesn't it? On Sunday night, addedentry and I skulked in the back of the Kingston Arms to drink beer/cider while I threw pretend interview questions at him. Then last night we were going to celebrate his storming interview success in a more sober and adult fashion by going to Sainsburys to buy a microwave and a Christmas tree, but my car battery had other ideas. So instead we did the sensible thing and drank champagne at home; then went to the pub, drank beer (or in O's case mulled wine1), giggled our way back home via a suddenly-urgent purchase of CHIPS, and drank more champagne. Hurrah!

So anyway, what I was going to say is: champagne + chips == great. (Believe it!) But addedentry + Cambridge == even better.

1 not a case of mulled wine2, no.
2 I didn't trust myself with mulled wine after dropping a glass of the stuff on the pale cream carpet of the lodgings of the Master of Peterhouse (after Sunday's carol service3, at which it was good to see imc and smallclanger but a shame not to see bopeepsheep). IN MY DEFENCE I was trying to walk upstairs in a long skirt and longer coat while carrying a plate, a glass, a bag, and my gloves; but still... *dies of shame*
3 About which more later, hopefully, when I've cleared my enormous LJ backlog!
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Celebrity haiku

Forgot to add this earlier. Does it count if it's only LJ-celebrities?
hoiho and girlfriend
dragonwoodshed in Bruno's;
too many sylla -

(Seen through the window while out hunting chips. We decided not to shout drunken halloooooos from the street. :-)
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