October 24th, 2005


Fall over the place

Today began with a useful reminder that I never know who's reading when I'm ranting; so a cheery hello to anyone who's started reading since bjh21 passed my LiveJournal around the Computing Services staff.

Actually, depending on how you define the start of the day, today probably really began with picking up my bike from the oh-so-hilariously-named bike shop Blazing Saddles (no longer S&T Cycles, despite what our own web pages may tell you). Two new tyres and two new inner tubes, and suddenly it's as if I'm not fighting the bike and the road every step of the way any more; I made it to work from Cherry Hinton Road in the same time that I'd normally take from home. Marvellous.

The tree that I saw at work on Thursday, with the rainbow arching over it, has lost most of its leaves now. It occurred to me this morning (as I walked to the bike shop through streets full of new blue recycling boxes) that if we didn't have so many deciduous trees in the UK, autumn would be a very different thing: no gutters full of soggy leaves, no damp and rot-smelling pathways, but more crisp and coniferous, more like Christmas.

No point to any of this, though, just leaf-fall and vagueness. I've not really woken up properly today, to be honest. Is it next weekend the clocks go back? Ah, that'll be it.