May 23rd, 2005


Sleep year

God, I know it's boring listening to people whine about being tired, but, honestly, I'm knackered. On Saturday night I crept away from sion_a's party fairly early when I realised that the effort of trying to keep my eyes open was making me too exhausted to lift my glass. Yesterday I slept until midday and then, as if that wasn't lazy enough, spent most of the day lying on my back and reading Harry Potter and feeling too tired to do anything more active. (Apologies to anybody who's expecting post, email, or any other kind of useful activity from me, because I almost certainly haven't done it.)

I'm still permanently hungry, too, despite the stomach cramps. Not a great combination. Frankly, I'm starting to think I may have a tapeworm; it's the only explanation for the amount of food I'm putting away. Our GCSE English teacher told us once that if you had a tapeworm you had to hold a piece of ripe cheese in front of your open mouth, which would make the tapeworm come crawling out to get the cheese; then you had to catch it, wrap it round a pencil, and twist the pencil to draw it all the way out. This made a roomful of 14-year-olds squeal and squirm and shudder, so I guess she got the effect she wanted, but with hindsight I don't think she was actually telling the truth.

On the plus side (if completely irrelevantly), though, the CCO concert on Saturday went much better than I expected. We didn't make too much of a mess of anything, and the acoustics in St Luke's Church were pretty good, and we had a big enough audience that nobody could possibly tell me off for being a rubbish Publicity Officer, even if nearly all the people there were friends and family of the orchestra (thanks to addedentry, sion_a and juggzy for coming along!).

In other news, there is no other news, really. Yet. (Hah, that'll keep you all guessing.)