May 9th, 2005


Save it till the morning after

Thank you to everybody who came to the various bits of our party on Saturday. There were lots and lots of badgers, and cake, and presents. You're all lovely people! (Those of you who didn't come are lovely too, of course, and it's a shame you couldn't be there, but hopefully you had fun doing whatever else you were doing.)

Somebody left a black shirt on the back of the downstairs bathroom door -- we thought it looked like fanf's, but not sure. Also, I never found hoiho's phone, so I hope he found it elsewhere...? If anybody else thinks they left anything, give me a shout.

Most weirdly of all, somebody seems to have hidden or stolen all the pillows from the spare room. They vanished some time before we needed them for people to sleep on (so we couldn't even blame truecatachresis for dreaming about marshmallows). Please give them back or tell us where you hid them!

hairyears took some great photos -- thank you! (Other people took photos too, but I don't think they've put them on the web yet...)