January 27th, 2005


Meet my friends

There's no clearly-defined etiquette for introducing people to each other on LiveJournal, but I've been meaning to do this for ages, so I'm just going to wade in and etiquette be damned: bluedevi, meet juggzy -- juggzy, meet bluedevi. Both of you write extremely entertainingly and insightfully about the trials and tribulations of teaching, and continue to make me think it's something I do actually want to do; but because both of you keep these posts friends-locked (for obvious and good reasons!) I can't point you at each other's posts.


I confess I don't often read dennyd because I don't actually know him in real life (though I may have bumped into him in gothdom without realising), but some people on my flist (I won't embarrass them by naming them) may be amused by his recent poll about spam and, er, huge mailshots. (Non-work-safe content, but no images.)

Talking of the G-word, it sounds like half of my flist must have met each other (whether they realised it or not) at the recent Masked Ball in Oxford. Truly, I am a nexus of goth! (Yet not actually a goth myself, obviously.) verlaine and bluedevi, do you know taimatsu? I notice all three of you appear in these photos so I guess you at least have a mutual friend. By the way, bluedevi, taimatsu sings too (far better than me!) -- I feel the possibility of a London Music Meet rapidly gaining momentum (perhaps if/when tjej has succeeded in kidnapping my piano?).


sion_a, I can't really do an introduction here because I have a read-only relationship with the lady in question, but I keep meaning to let you know that you may be interested in ozarque's engaging and readable discussions of linguistics. (Thanks to livredor for alerting me to that one.)

While we're wandering around in the grey area between introductions and reading-recommendations, one of the people I met at truecatachresis's party was the author of Schrödinger's Rabbits, which is not about rabbits but sounds interesting nonetheless. addedentry helpfully points out that it is available in its entirety online, though I suspect the author might prefer to get the royalties.

Now I probably won't be buying that one since I can read it online and I'm trying to save money at the moment, but at some point I do intend to buy Ice Museum, written by somebody whom I know tangentially, though not by that name. Damn, it's hard to claim tenuous-fame-by-proxy when it's at least two degrees away and I'm not even sure if the missing link (as it were) in the chain wants to be outed as a relative...

I also may not be able to resist buying books about badgers, as recommended by my friend Tim. Tim sends me pictures of badgers (and a mushroom), though personally he prefers otters. Unfortunately (but understandably) the person I know who's most likely to be charmed by Tim's merry mustelids isn't likely to be reading this, but perhaps the information will filter through somehow?