January 5th, 2005


Hiatus? No, we were just busy.

If I don't update this soon I never will. Apologies for the slightly rambly diaryism.

So there was Christmas, which was relaxing and great fun, Collapse ) and then there was a New Year party, which was bizarre and great fun, Collapse )

Then last night there was New Year again, or rather it was enthusiastically re-toasted (with, variously, deferred champagne, water, and sticky toffee pudding tea) by myself, addedentry, jiggery_pokery, dezzikitty, wednesdayschild, and two other people who looked similar to one another, but of whom I can't remember which one is meant to be kept anonymous. I guess you had to be there.

I'm glad to have seen the New Year in surrounded by a) music, which is something on which I want to spend more time and effort, and b) new friends (at least, I hope I may call them that). I just hope I haven't neglected my existing friends too much in favour of the new.