October 20th, 2004


For once I'm lost for words

Over the last couple of weeks I have been starting to rip my CDs to mp3. The process is amazingly fast on the shinylaptop -- I've seen it get up to 16x speed, though it probably only averages about 8x -- and as a result I now have nearly 2 days' worth of solid music on this computer.

And in all that music and all those words, I still can't find the songs that really say the things I want to say.

calendars of our lives circled with compromise

There are insufficient days in the average week.

I was planning to go to Erotica on Sunday 21st November, but now I've got an orchestra concert on that day, which means I will have to go to Erotica on the Saturday (and get back in time for a party that night) or Friday (and take a day off work).

On the plus side, orchestra half term is next week (which I hadn't realised until this week) which means I can, should I so wish, go and see the Magnetic Fields again at the Corn Exchange next Wednesday. On the other hand it probably won't be as good as the Festival Hall gig was, and it'll cost money, & I could be using the time to do one of the million billion things I'm not going to get done otherwise... we'll see.

Pub tomorrow, clubbing on Friday (rah!), party on Saturday, and then I was vaguely thinking of going up to Manchester on Sunday to see the misc-type-folk, but I'm just not sure I can face that much train-travel. Out for dinner on Monday, singing on Tuesday, possibly gig on Wednesday, pub on Thursday, our party on Saturday, recovering on Sunday ... and that was the end of Solomon Grundy.

I do not have a cold. I do not have a cough. I have chased them both away by sheer force of will. There are more interesting things to do than be ill.