October 18th, 2004


m34t and drink

So on Saturday there was a misc m34t, and we saw that it was good.

There were lots of nice people, and there was BEER, and there was firm proof that tigers are better than lions. Honest. (juggzy may dispute this.) nja and bigtonyd somehow failed to play 'Snap!' for my virtue, which was probably just as well.

After sufficient (and necessary) beer had been consumed most of us adjourned to the-Chinese-restaurant-formerly-known-as-Friends, which is now known as something else which I can't remember, and ate lots of food, including crunchy prawns and THINGS WITH BEAKS.

The drive back to juggzy's was full of misdirections and invisible badgers; when we got back we watched "Get Shorty", or rather I struggled to stay awake enough to understand the film ... at the time it didn't make much sense but I think it's sort of grown on me in retrospect and I'd like to watch it again when I'm actually awake.

Then on Sunday morning there were SOSSIDGES and scrambled-egg-with-garlic. Mmmmm. And you might not think a rainy Sunday could get much better after a good start like that, but hey, sometimes life just keeps on surprising you. :-)

I want to do whatever common people do

From common places to common interests. I'm disappointed that this colourful exercise in self-classification doesn't distinguish between "rare" and "unique", but I can't quite be bothered to doctor it accordingly...

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Also, there are things in my interests list that I should take out... but that's really scraping the displacement-activities barrel.