October 12th, 2004


The wrong trousers

Holy crap. From ucam.adverts.forsale:
Pair of beautiful Armani Jeans, bought in Canada 2 weeks ago for $400
(approx £180). Dark, almost shiny blue denim, with true hemp lining. Low
rise, with lowish crotch. Price in Uk about £225.

The story is that I bought them while on a random shopping trip, then got
home and realised I have too many jeans as it is... so I probably wont be
wearing them. Its a pity to see such great jeans sit the season out in my
closet, so I'll consider any offer!

Size 34 waist although I am a 32.. Basically if you are interested and you
are anywhere between 32-34, give them a try. Have actually only been worn
once... for about an hour. You are welcome to try them on if you are

Now, okay, I own far too many clothes and spend more money than I should on them, but I simply can't imagine having the kind of lifestyle where I could cheerfully spend a hundred and eighty pounds on something -- anything, let alone a pair of jeans -- and then be happy to sell it at a loss after an hour. I also can't imagine not realising that I already own enough pairs of Armani jeans, but that's another matter; for me the zero pairs I already own are quite enough.

Am I being naïve to believe this chap's story? I mean, is this actually just a complicated way of reselling off-the-back-of-a-lorry merchandise at a profit, like the way some folk on u.a.fs routinely sell duty-free cigarettes on behalf of spurious friends who only realised after buying a gazillion Gauloises that they wanted to give up?


So I bought 69 Love Songs yesterday, but got home and discovered that CD2 didn't play -- wouldn't play at all on my Powerbook, and skipped unlistenably on other CD players. Took it back to HMV today expecting a simple exchange, to find that they didn't have any more in stock, but they'd be able to order it in within two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I only bought it from HMV in the first place because I didn't mind paying a little over the odds just to get it NOW NOW NOW. Decided it must be possible to get it in less time than 2 weeks, so I got a refund and went to look in Fopp. They didn't have it either, but can order it in within ... yeah, you guessed it, 2 weeks. Oh well. They've said they'll let me know when it comes in, which is nice. In the meantime, I'm kicking myself because I didn't rip CD1 and CD3 while I actually had my grubby little mitts on the album ... so I have to wait another TWO WEEKS before I can listen to any of it again. Grr.

On the plus side, though: I have lovely new friends on my friends list; I have other CDs on order which should turn up today or tomorrow; I have a huge salad Niçoise from M&S for lunch; and I have special posh chocolates from my Secret Admirer for dessert. Perhaps I am easily pleased ... but then I've never understood why people always say this like it's a bad thing. Hurrah, I say, hurrah for being easily pleased, and hurrah for beautiful people and good music and nice food!
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That's "Art" with a "T"

And while I'm in party mood ...

I haven't been clubbing for Far Too Long. Who's up for "Pop Art" on Friday 22nd October at the Junction?

£5 advance/NUS, £6 door,
18+, ID may be required
Box Office 01223511511

I would also like to go goth clubbing (like seal clubbing only more messy) some time soon, largely because it saddens me so much to see all my corsets languishing in my closet; however, I am sick of the Calling -- the music has been far too industrial-biased the last few times I've been there, and the venue is even more of a dive than I like, and that's saying something. Does Oxford still have a goth night? Or (*gulp*) is it time for me to brave the London goth scene? Okay, going to the Slimelight would cost me a valuable trump card in games of "I have never", but hey.

So much for my party mood...

... as I realise that all I am is a big ugly stack of tatty books and shoes that's blocking the view of the TV.

I just want to live somewhere that I can actually be alive without getting in anybody's way.