October 6th, 2004


It must have been lunch

I seem to be unable to write anything much meaningful at the moment. Theories about this later; but for now, an example of Just How Dozy j4 Can Be:

This morning I got up earlier than usual and packed my bag for work. Despite not really being awake yet, I remembered to pack the lunch I'd made yesterday (but not eaten owing to being ill), as well as a bag of stuff to give away on ucam.adverts.giveaway! How organised.

Then I remembered that I'd also intended to take some books to a charity shop. I unpacked the bag again to get these books in at the bottom, and forgot to put the lunch and other stuff back in ... leaving salad and fruit in tupperwares out of the fridge, and in fact on the living room floor. D'oh.

Remembered this in time to phone sion_a at a time when I thought he'd be awake but not already out of the house. No reply, so I figured he must still be asleep. Phoned again 10 mins later, only to find he'd already left.

Lovely sion_a actually went home and got my lunch and stuff and brought it in for me.

Then I remembered that I was meeting acronym for lunch, so I'd actually managed to forget lunch-and-stuff for something I didn't need to bring in anyway because I wouldn't be able to take books to charity shop at lunchtime. Oh well, I can take them tomorrow.

Then acronym pointed out that, of course, as I was meeting him, I didn't need the lunch either...

So far today I have remembered everything I didn't need to remember and forgotten everything I didn't need to forget. I have, however, rehomed the following junk: a plastic folder of pasta recipes, a small photo album, a green plastic policeman, a tiny address book, an empty Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle sweets container, a Keble College Ball 1997 promotional 'bug', a plastic spider, two money-sorting bags, some plastic cutlery, 2 books, and 11 beer mats.

But hey, at least the lunch confusion means I already have lunch in work for tomorrow! Unfortunately, though, I already made Thursday's lunch last night, because I knew I had yesterday's lunch for today.

I give up.
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