October 5th, 2004


Toxic girl

Health food is bad for you. All I've had today is a mug of sage tea (caffeine-free drink) and a load of pumpkin seeds (supposedly healthy snack), but something has managed to make me violently ill. I suspect the pumpkin seeds, because I felt okay (well, tired, but that's normal) until I'd had a few handfuls of them... after which I felt drowsy, headachey, and extremely nauseous, until actually being sick.

Is it possible for things to make you sick that quickly? If not then it must have been the steak at the Mill last night.

I am now at home, where I can lie down & feel grotty in peace. This does however have the welcome side-effect that I can listen to acronym on CUR1350 - hence the nicely appropriate subject line, because he's just dedicated the track of that name to me.