September 15th, 2004


You're making lists today of all the things you haven't done yet

Today I have:

  • Learned a lot about Dreamweaver
  • Sent a glass bottle-stopper, a plastic giraffe and a plastic dragon to various people in the University
  • Tried a Lee's Original Macaroon Bar, and arranged a delivery of some more of these ambrosial foodstuffs and some tablet as well!
  • Sent at least two emails I probably shouldn't have sent
  • Failed to send at least two emails I really should send
  • Read the first two stories in The Saint to the Rescue
  • Deliberately driven through a red light (after waiting for over 5 minutes on a nearly-empty junction, and the people in the other lane gave up first, and I was still careful, but it still feels like a Bad Thing)
  • Sung lots of random stuff, from If ye love me to Goodnight, Sweetheart
  • Agreed to read a young boy a bedtime story next week
  • Managed, on the whole, to convince myself that the nervous crampy feeling in my stomach that won't go away really is just period pains, and not a sign of Worrying about anything in particular
  • Failed to find a cure for period pains, but enjoyed a glass of kirsch as part of the experimental process
  • Eaten prawns
  • Had 50p eaten by a snack-machine on the New Museum Site

The red light was strange. I was sitting there at the light listening to Everything But The Girl, and thinking how sitting there at a red light that never changed, just waiting, looking up at the light expectantly, trying to maintain that sense of being about to move, would make a really good music video for "Mirrorball" (which had just started as I reached the lights); and I was sort of subconsciously assuming that the lights would change halfway through the song so that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the lyrics any more, and they didn't, and I can't decide whether it would have been better from a music-video point of view if the lights had changed and I had slowly driven away, receding into the darkness.

Come on girl, it's too late.
Come on girl, it's too late now.
Come on girl, let it all go.
Come on girl, it's too late now.
Come on girl, it's gonna be alright.
Come on girl, it's never gonna be alright.
It's too late now.
Let it all go...
Cause it's never gonna be alright.
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Does anybody have...

... any crap quizzes, lists of questions, etc. that I can fill in as a substitute for original thought, and also as a distraction from the fact that my stomach feels like it's been put through a mangle but I can't stop drinking the coffee (which is undoubtedly making things worse) or else I'll fall asleep at my desk ...?

Just wondering.

Quiet is the new loud

I intend to go to see Kings of Convenience at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Tuesday October 5th. KofC are purveyors of melodic, angst-ridden Norwegian folk; reviewers searching for comparisons with other music tend to namecheck Nick Drake and Belle & Sebastian. (Thanks again acronym for giving me the CD which introduced me to them!)

I am also thinking of going to see The Magnetic Fields on Wednesday October 27th, partly because they sound like they might be quite interesting but also because the support band is The Real Tuesday Weld, who are seriously groovy. (And thanks again oldbloke for giving me the CD which introduced me to them!)

NB: I am not co-ordinating ticket-buying. You can book online through the CornEx website. But if anybody else I know is going, then hey, we could meet up. That would be nice.

Cambridge people take note: Kings of Convenience, "Quiet is the New Loud" is now on sale in Fopp for only a fiver. Go and buy it while stocks last! :-)

[Listen to a sample track first: Parallel Lines]


Comfort shopping

Music, first. I went to Fopp in search of Eliza Carthy's "Red", because I couldn't find my ripped copy this morning, I wanted to listen to it, and if I like something enough (and I do, I do!) I prefer to have the real thing.

Obviously, though, I can't go into Fopp and just buy one CD. Which invariably means that I come out with a bizarre collection of stuff. The chappy at the desk only looked slightly askance at me for this lot:

  • Eliza Carthy, "Red"
  • "Calendar Girls" OST
  • Suede, "Head Music"
  • Captain Beefheart, "Doc at the Radar Station"
  • Erasure, "Hits!"
  • Jacques Loussier, "Toccata/Play Bach" (2 CD set)

But I suspect there's enough there to draw disparaging comments from at least half of my readers; the jazz snobs probably despise Loussier, the indie kids will laugh at me for being completist enough to want to listen to Suede's death throes, the rockers and metal-heads will mock me for being soppy enough to want Beth Nielsen Chapman's "I find your love" (which is why I bought the Calendar Girls soundtrack), and everybody will quite justifiably laugh at me for Erasure.

Music may be the food of love, but I needed LUNCH. Sainsburys are back in my good books now as I managed to find a Thai Green Chicken Wrap; also bought raspberries, malt loaf, 85% Lindt (for medicinal purposes!), pasta for dinner, an Innocent smoothie (they're so expensive but dammit they're also so nice), two cans of coke, and two avocados. The avocados are medicinal as well, actually. And the coke, too. Honest.

To complete the comfort-shopping thing, I let myself be seduced by a gauzy red silk shirt with ruffles and a ribbon-lace-up front. God only knows when I'm going to wear it, because I don't go out any more, I don't need to look sexy, I don't feel sexy. But it is very pretty, and maybe one day I will wear it. And it was only cheap, unlike the shiny black Prada collarless jacket with the rubber pocket-trim and collar trim which is only 100 quid despite being brand new with labels still attached showing the RRP of £1330 ... eBay eBay eBay ... NO, NO, NO. Oh, and I didn't buy the very very short grey pleated skirt, even though it was cheap, because I actually took the time to try it on & it didn't quite sit right on the hips. So I can feel virtuous about not buying another stupid thing that doesn't fit me.

Sometimes all we can do is look after the little things.
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Oh, go on then

"I want anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.

Then post this in your journal to find out what people want to do with you."

(caught from taimatsu)
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The drugs don't work

Lindt 85% chocolate. Mmmmm. Medicinal, see. For the iron. But I can't pretend I'm not enjoying the dark bitter chocolateyness.

I forgot to mention the coffee I had at the Eraina before going to see Tell me on a Sunday (on Monday). It was Greek coffee. It came in a cup that was smaller than my clenched fist, and it looked solid, and even drinking it through gritted teeth left my mouth well and truly gritted with coffee ground. But that wasn't all. In fact, I hardly noticed the grit after the first few mouthfuls, because of the caffeine hit. Not the vibrating-eyeballs kind of caffeine hit that you get from too much nasty coffee, or the palpitations-and-headache that you get from too much strong filter coffee; no, this was a pure white hot rush of caffeine. My words started falling over each other in my futile attempt to talk as fast as I was thinking, and I felt the skin of my face tightening, and realised I was grinning for no reason at all. Who needs illegal drugs when you can sit in a dark, warm cosy restaurant and be served a tasty cupful of a drug like this for only £2.30?
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