September 8th, 2004


Early bird

It's 8:19 and I'm already in work (with my first cup of crappy instant coffee). Maybe I should just sleep here. It would solve one problem, at least.


... the guy who wrote this personals ad. (Thanks kosai for the link!)

It's so hard to write personals ads. I wrote an ad on uk.misc a while ago which read:
WTD: well-off husband with no morals. Must be willing to buy large house & put up with me filling it with junk. I can offer: use of gigantic book collection, homely cake-baking, a collection of crap 8-bit computers, and unconditional love. GSOH essential (see attached photo).
Everybody pointed out that I'd forgotten to mention sex, so I suppose I should add "I have girl-bits and I know how to have sex". I'm fairly low-maintenance, really; I need food, water, sunlight and conversation (by email will do). I don't expect anything more from the world. I am in reasonably good health. I'd like to own cats one day. Is it too much to ask?

Rocks and roots

As promised, photos and text about our walk around random bits of Cambridge at the weekend.

Tonight was the first orchestra rehearsal of term. I wore shoes that blistered my feet, and had to walk back barefoot. Cold dark pavements all the way, and then the rocks and roots in the unlit jitty tearing my feet to pieces. But it's a more organic pain, better than the sticky blistering of hard plastic.

And I'd rather feel bad than not feel anything at all.
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