August 17th, 2004


Oh kind providence, won't you send me to a wedding

Went to the wedding reception of my bestest-school-friend Sylvia on Sunday.

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After the wedding I decided I needed to restore my sanity, and as I was halfway to Oxford anyway (the reception was in Catthorpe, just off the M1/A14 junction) I thought I might as well nip over there and invite myself round for toast and tea with J-P and Kate. Who are lovely, and managed to make me feel human again, even though they are turning into marriedpeople as well.

11:30 would have been a sensible time to drive home, so instead (I'm not renowned for doing the sensible thing) I dropped in on another Oxford friend & ended up staying for a much longer coffee than intended. Finally got home at about 3:30am.

It's funny, a year or so ago I was still quite nervous about Long Journeys and Driving On Motorways. Now I think of a 100-mile round trip in the middle of the night as a perfectly reasonable detour to see friends. Still, this is one of the reasons why I wanted a car -- so that I could put people before places/circumstances, and so that I could go and get the things that wouldn't come to me.