July 9th, 2004


These shoes weren't made for walking

Shoeses on eBay:

Black platform sandals
Posh shoes

Other things that still haven't got any bids:

Black velvet top
Carved knives

The tie-dye trousers, meanwhile, have already achieved a very respectable price.

Maybe the other things'll pick up closer to the end of the auction -- the last couple of things I've failed to buy have rocketed in the last 30 minutes. Still, at least someone's watching the black velvet thing.

Update: Two people are now watching the velvet top, and the trousers have been bid up to £13.50! This is so exciting! :-)
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eBay etiquette

I won an item yesterday afternoon, and sent the system-generated email to the seller to sort out payments (they'll only take cheque etc.). Unfortunately the system-generated email insists on you saying "I will be sending payment shortly" etc. etc., but what I actually want to say is "I will send payment as soon as you tell me who to make the cheque payable to" -- I suspect neither "vic" nor "killingfantasy" is likely to be the name on the bank account! So I added this request in the eBay email, but I've had no reply, and I suspect they've glanced at the system-generated email and said "ah yes, payment coming" and not read any further.

On the other hand... not everybody checks their email every 2 minutes like me. Would it be rude to email them again and say "Not heard from you ... please tell me who to make the cheque payable to" etc.?

On the third hand... you'd think if somebody only takes cheques it might occur to them that their buyers need to know who to make the cheque payable to, FFS. And that they might make a point of checking email just after a sale.
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Gah. I am a muppet, and have left my phone in work.

Wonder if I can get in tomorrow somehow to pick it up... but I don't know if my old swipecard will work on the outside door, & I'm not confident of knowing how to work the alarm system. :-(
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